What made you say 'yes' to swinging?

More...When you think back of the reason(s) to enter te lifestyle, what comes to mind? Why did you think of it? What made you say 'yes', Was it something missing in your relationship?  Wanted to live a fantasy? Got in a new relationship with a partner already familiar with the lifestyle? And did swinging meet your expectations? We would like to know your reason to start swinging, and how it turned out...so please share your - decent ;-) - story!

The Sex Club through Beginner’s Eyes

Wonderful peopleTechnically speaking this was our second visit to a sex club.  Our first visit was overwhelming, we really didn’t know what to make of everything and we may have had a bit too much to drink.  This second trip was our first true and genuine experience.  And it was an amazing and liberating experience.  We had always discussed this lifestyle and what it could do for our relationship and very timidly we started to look around and ask questions.  It wasn’t until we took the first leap into the unknown did we really understand what this lifestyle was all about.

Taming a threesome

I have a tendency to be cognitively less flexible.  Even a social meeting with more than one person is challenging for me.  So, in the past, I have always avoided getting into threesomes.  Given that, I was recently part of two threesome incidents.

Guidelines from a swingers couple

There is a set of guidelines that me and Jooms have formulated exactly for handling emotionally intensive multiple relationships.  It was a little after our first meeting with particularly favourite swinging partners.  Me and Jooms were a bit taken aback by the intensity of our first weekend.  We wanted to make sure that we don’t mess things up between us two.  So we sat in a park bench and typed out this MOU.

Swinging accident

Pillows on fireThere were 4 of us on a large bed. Candles were lit on the head board, the lighting in the room was subdued. Things had been going on for a while and I decided to change positions. I got on top. The other couple was up close to the headboard and she was resting on a bunch pillows. There were a whole bunch of other pillows and they were getting in the way.

From Mexico, with love

The taste of itA hot and steamy holiday. That’s what we desired. And not just a hot temperature! So we decided to have a vacation in swingers resort Desire Resort & Spa in Cancun. Here we would carefully take the first steps into the lifestyle. We are not sure yet if we go ‘all the way’ but if we do or not, an exiting holiday it sure will be.