Teacher in trouble for using the word ‘Vagina’

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vaginaTim McDaniel is a High school science teacher. During a lesson on human reproduction and anatomy  in his science class he used the word ‘vagina’. He was totally out of line, according to four parents, They complained to school officials for the use of the 'V'- word, so a  report from Idaho’s Magic Valley News says.

A disciplinary letter from the Idaho State Department of Education also accused McDaniel  for ‘explaining the biology of an orgasm, teaching students about STDs and birth control, and showing a clip from An Inconvenient Truth, which led to a discussion about climate change. The letter also alleges that McDaniel told inappropriate jokes in class.

His students are defending him, arguing in a petition that parents from their conservative community in Dietrich are trying to push a political agenda by getting their biology teacher fired: “There are a couple people in the community that are trying to get Mr. McDaniel fired for teaching the reproductive system, climate change, and several other science subjects. All these subjects were taught from the book and in good taste. He cares for each of his students and goes the extra mile to help them all. Now is the time for us to help by supporting him!”

For his part, McDaniel is perplexed by the accusations, telling Magic Valley News: “I teach straight out of the textbook, I don’t include anything that the textbook doesn’t mention. But I give every student the option not attend this class when I teach on the reproductive system if they don’t feel comfortable with the material.” “This sort of thing makes you worry about what you teach,” he added. “That’s not right.”

Though the Idaho State Department of Education is currently investigating the complaint, Dietrich Superintendent Neil Hollingshead told the Times-News he doesn't expect the review to result in McDaniel's dismissal. "Maybe a letter of reprimand from the school board," he said.

What's your opinion about the parents' complaint?


+8 #1 Darrin 2013-04-02 12:34
I am appalled that a teacher might subject my children to such hideous words like vagina. I want them to grow up using more appropriate words like "privates" or "hoo-hoo". lol
And just because it is a biology class about the reproductive system, where does this obviously hedonistic person get off teaching our kids (ahem...high school kids) about where babies come from? hahaha
Seriously, some parents priorities regarding their own children are so off track. I just want to ask them, "Don't you have better things to worry about"?
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+4 #2 Judi 2013-04-02 16:15
Oh please its a vagina, I remember it being called VAGINA when I was in high school and no one had problems with it.
Anyways there is nothing more ridiculous than calling your vagina privates,
If parents dont like it well take you kids out of the class,
I am so happy my parents never had a problem with that, I never had a problem with my daughter when she came from school and told me about it I can see if the teacher is being disrespectful then we have a problem but if he is professional about it no problem.Its true there are other more important things to worry about.
What is the male part called a penis or is that bad too?
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+5 #3 Upinus 2013-04-03 05:00
Well my wife and I think it's perfectly GREAT that its being taught in school... About ALL sex organs IT IS A VAGINA & PENIS no matter what you want to call them. Either they learn it the HARD WAY!!! (BABIES HAVING BABIES) Or learn from a teacher and MAYBE prevent BABIES FROM HAVING BABIES!!!!!!! These kids are in high school not middle school. We have a 12 year old in middle school(6th) and is enrolled in a pre medical program. And they will by the 8th grade will learn about all types of human things. Not sure if this subject will be discussed but as most adults on hear should know by now that the age of 10-12 most kids know what a VAGINA& PENIS ARE!!!
Let him teach
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0 #4 Mark 2013-04-03 22:05
He should have used who who instead of vagina...lol
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+2 #5 LOLO 2013-04-04 16:14
It's so annoying to see how many American people has such a double moral!
they get scared of hearing words like "vagina" but you find them on the motel room cheating on their couples or strip clubs or getting angry screaming worse words to their kids....
But a teacher can not talk about this subjects in an educational way because they find it offensive... they are the ones who need this class!
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+2 #6 sunshine72 2013-09-10 15:22
lol at Darrin, 'privates and ho-ho', omg, couldn't stop laughing at that one. vagina is the correct word, now 'snatch, perfect pocket, sanctuary, the black hole, the oven, the pink palace, biscuit' if he used any of those, I would raise a eyebrow lol
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