'O' shot or not. That’s the question


It is a bit controversial, the ‘O’shot. A procedure in which women receive an injection of blood in their clitoris and vagina. The purpose: increase sexual arousal, having a profound orgasm and by the way, it’s supposed to rejuvenate the vagina.  Why controversial? Because it can cause infections, and more negative side effects, so plastic surgeons say.

The ‘O’ shot will cost you around 1500 dollar and for that you will have your own blood drained out of your arm or leg. The blood plasma will be separated and pumped into you pretty private parts. This Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) triggers trigger stem cells to not only increase blood flow, but also generate healthy tissue growth.

Some doctors are honest about the procedure: about 50 percent of women experience the effects immediately while the other 50 percent just feel a little to nothing, needing more injections.

Is it painful?

According to reports and women who underwent the procedure the procedure itself is virtually painless, due to a numbing agent used on vagina and clitoris. The procedure itself takes about 40 minutes.

The effects according to women

You can find many statements on the internet:

  • “Many intense ultimate multiple orgasms during and after sex."
  • “My vagina was wet and really lubricated.”
  • “It helps to rejuvenate my vagina because of the extra blood pumping through the area.”

Medical claims

It helps to relieve women with urinary incontinence and sex problems or lichen sclerosis - a condition which affects the skin of the genitals.

What can be dangerous about the ‘O’shot?

The injections in a sensitive area like the vagina and clitoris are a potential risk for infections, bleeding and damaging the nerve endings, leading to loss of sensation. Which is quite the opposite of what you wanted to achieve.

Have you ever...? And what's your experience?

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