The use and usefulness of condoms

condoomThe use of condoms prevents for 98 percent pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases...if you use them properly, that is. Scientists have revealed a list of errors and problems using condoms that commonly take place during the heat of the moment. Studies into the effectiveness of condoms have shown that a latex condom, if  used correctly, is highly effective in providing protection against HIV or any other sexually transmitted diseases chlamydia, genital herpes, gonorrhea and syphilis.


The material

Most condoms are made of latex. These latex condoms are slightly more reliable. Be sure only to use latex condoms with water based lubricants. Oil based lubricants  break down the latex.
If you are allergic to latex you can use polyurethane condoms. These type of condoms are thinner than latex condoms, and therefore can increase sensitivity. They are a bit more expensive than latex condoms and less flexible. Lubrication can be with both oil and water based lubricants.


There are non lubricated, silicone lubricated and water-based lubricated condoms. The lubrication aims to make the condom easier to put on and more comfortable to use. Some condoms and lubricants also contain spermicide. These are chemical products to inactivate or kill sperm.

Shapes, lengths and widhts

Different manufacturers produce varying sizes , shapes, colours, textures and flavours. There is no standard length for condoms. Most common are the ones with a reservoir tip. Some however have a plain tip.
Most common are the regular shaped ones with straight sides. But upcoming are the  form fit, to give a 'closer' feeling, or the flared ones, that are slightly wider over the head of the penis. The ribbed condoms are suppose to increase sensation for both partners. These condoms are textured with ribs or bumps.
Condoms also come in a variety of colours. There are also flavoured ones. Be sure that the brand you choose has been tested and approved.

Which scondom you use ore prefer is, of course, up to you and your partner and what you both  need and desire.

How to use condoms correctly

  • Be sure the packet and condom are in good condition. Check the expiry date.
  • Open the packet at one corner. Be careful not to tear the condom by being too rough or ruin them with your fingernails or teeth. 
  • Place the rolled condom over the tip of the hard penis. Pinch the tip of the condom enough to leave a little space to collect the semen.
  • If not circumcised, pull back the foreskin of the penis before rolling on the condom.
  • Roll the condom all the way down to the base. Be sure to smooth out any air bubbles because they can cause a condom to break.
  • When finished, don't wait for the penis to soften. Withdraw while holding the condom against the base of the penis.


+2 #1 Alex 2012-06-15 03:24
A few years ago, my lady and I had sex with a stranger girl. I used a condom but we also both had oral sex with her. We contracted gonorrhea through oral sex and the condom did not help. So, bear this in mind! Fortunately we were 100% cured after treatment with antibiotics.
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