Sex with someone who has an STD

b_134_150_16777215_00_images_content_Sextoys_condom.jpgAlmost 20 per cent of young adults would have sex with someone knowing the other person had an STD, so a new research has revealed. Of these adults about 40 per cent actually already had unprotected sex with someone they knew had an STD. Most say that they were happy to deal with the consequences later.


Another 26 per cent explained they would be happy to have sex with someone with an STD because if they used protection it would be ‘impossible to become infected’.

More outcomes of the research:

On the question ‘Would you have sexual intercourse with someone that you knew had a sexually transmitted infection?’
25 per cent said it would depend which STI they had.
57 per cent said 'no way'.

Have you had unprotected sex:
64 per cent said 'yes'.
Of these, 52 per cent had sex with someone they were not in a relationship with.

Have you suffered from a STI?
23 per cent said 'yes'. The most common infection was chlamydia.

The study of 1.231 people was commissioned online by pharmacy

Source: DailyMail