Chocolate Viagra injections to boost libido

More lust

Woman and chocolate… a combination not to be ripped apart. Chocolate is a treat. Chocolate comforts, makes you feel good and let’s face it: it’s damn tasty. Men are not that tight with chocolate, but they soon will: some time from now there will be chocolate treats for men too. They will lighten up their sexual desires. To put it simply: a Viagra injection made from chocolate. So more 'I don't like chocolate' excuses.

A Happy Vagina with healing crystals

Spiritual experience

You might have heard about the use of crystals for therapeutic properties. Some people find that they have more energy by using a crystal. But the latest trend goes much deeper. Into the vagina. Where dildo’s, made of crystals, supposed to give you a ‘healing orgasm’.

A Coffee Break or Masturbation Time at work?

A word of warning though

Taking a coffee break at work to get some stress relieve or a little break? Having a smoke to be away from your duty? Not always effective so it seems. Maybe masturbation breaks become the new instant relax trend at work. Psychology professor Mark Sergeant of Nottingham Trent University told Metro UK that a few minutes of intimate pause will de-stress and is a great way to relieve tension.

Morning coffee or morning sex?

To do...

Do you go for steamy lovemaking in the evening or do you prefer to have sex in the morning? Many men will express a preference for a round of morning sex while women prefer the evening. Also women seem to be more guided by their mood and feeling, while men often just feels 'lust'. Nevertheless, partners generally reach out to match each other's needs. What do you prefer in the morning? Good Coffee or sex?

Americans are having less sex


A study by the San Diego State University and the Widener University shows that Americans today have less sex than in the early nineties: on a yearly basis it comes down to seven times less sex in 2014 than in the late 1990s.

The naked cleaners: dusting without sex


Worldwide 'naked cleaners’ are not so uncommon. Most cleaners do a lot more than cleaning by the way. But in the UK the naked cleaning concept is pure and simple just cleaning. Like Emily Nikols does.

American tourist dies outside a sex club in Cannes


An 63-year-old American tourist died last week after allegedly being pushed down a stairwell by a doorman outside sex club L 'Anonyme in Cannes, at the French Riviera. The man wanted to visit the club, but the doorman didn't want him to enter the club. When the American refused to accept this, the doorman took physical action which caused the fall of the tourist, some 15 metres down. Despite several attempts of emergency services to save his life, he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Inside the swingers lifestyle


Whether it is Ohio, or central Indiana, the number of people who are swingers is growing. Reason for both FOX 59 and ABC News do discover more about the people who discover the swinging lifestyle. Who are they? What are their backgrounds? What do they find so appealing?