Press corps close to temptation on Obama’s Mexico trip

DesireAs President Obama and his entourage arrived in Los Cabos (Mexico) for the Group of 20 summit, the White House press corps was put up for two nights in the Barcelo. This beach-side hotel in the resort town is close to temptation. More specific: the next door neighbour is the Desire  Resort & Spa, a lifestyle-friendly and deliciously erotic resort, so the web site of Desire boasts and members of SDC know!

According to an article in the “The optics were a bit awkward considering this is Obama’s first foreign trip since he went to Cartagena, Colombia, in April, a trip perhaps best known for the Secret Service prostitution scandal. Leading up to the summit, agents received an e-mail from the agency’s managers instructing them to be on good behavior and requiring those going on the trip to attend mandatory training courses for a set of new road trip rules.”

Obama himself was staying at another hotel farther away. It’s not likely the press corps visited Desire as it is available only to couples.

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+1 #1 laughinglovers 2012-07-16 01:09
When do we get our first lifestyle president? We're way over due! We could have had a chance with Bill, but Hillary never seemed like a player.
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