Candles and Fireworks at Desire Pearl

Desire Pearl poolA hundred candles and a grand display of fireworks lit up the skies of the Riviera Maya in Mexico when a true feast of abundance laced the official opening of Desire Pearl Resort on Saturday April 27th. Nothing was spared to make this evening a truly memorable one for all the invited VIPs this evening.

Colorful cocktails on the roof with delicious sushi appetizers welcomed us all, a little breeze to cool the senses and with the sun slowly disappearing in the ocean, the chandeliers dangling in the air infused the anticipation of a night filled with what has become a staple at Desire, sensual dance, sexy show and above all, happy smiles. The former Ceiba del Mar still has its own uniqueness, lush, tranquil and a gorgeous pool and beach. However, the resort definitely has undergone some tender loving care in the sensual department. Beautiful artwork in the lobby as soon as you enter, gorgeous lanterns all around are now exuding a much more erotic atmosphere palpable at the champagne check-in. The former disco area has been transformed in its entirety from plain and sterile to an intimate and inviting place with luxurious golden neo- classical furniture paired with huge chandeliers, flat screens all around a new bar in the middle and of course a tastefully decorated playroom.

Sexy Jacuzzi
Desire PearlThe circular sexy pool is now decked out with round platforms, seating areas and has been fitted to be a real happening hot sexy jacuzzi with swim up bar. After a meal fit for kings slowly we were able to pull ourselves away from the sinful desert displays and head on out to the pool area. Spectacular as always, tonight the pool was decorated with at least one hundred huge candles on stands, and a huge lighted walkway, sexy female DJ in front of a huge tv screen were the stage for a sensual Victoria Secret Runway Show. Scantily clad angels with wings in all colors showed off the latest fashions the sexy way!

Towel swan and rose petals
Then the sky lit up with the sounds and visions of exploding fireworks and it was a perfect finale of a perfect evening... ...of course, there was still some dancing to do in the disco, people to hug and greet, tequila to drink and before we knew it, it was early in the morning before we saw our comfortable beds adorned with towel swan and rose petals. As the complimentary incense scented the night, Desire Pearl is now official and is on its way to become one of the major lifestyle and clothing optional destinations in the world next to its sister resorts Desire Resort & Spa Riviera Maya and Desire Los Cabos.

SDC cannot be more proud to have witnessed the birth of these resorts from its emerging virgin beginnings. You can look at and book all these beautiful resorts and more right here in the travel section in our site!

Pia Vanderlem