SDC sponsors ASACP in fight against child pornography

MediaSDCSDC has taken pride in being an active sponsor of the ASACP for over 5 years now. We work very hard to help the fight against child pornography on a daily basis. has an active support staff that combs through the website 24/7 to ensure that no type of elicit activity is going on. We take immediate action when rules are violated, and violator’s personal information is always forwarded to the authorities. 

SDC believes that possessing and receiving child pornography is a serious federal crime, and we will not stand for the abuse of children in any manner. It is a huge task to try to stop the victimization of children and we take it very seriously, along with our devoted members who are diligent in contacting us if they see anything that they believe to be hurtful or offensive.  

Child pornography must be stopped and we vow to do our part in fighting this battle everyday. 

The Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection (ASACP) is an American non-profit organization that fights Internet child pornography.


+2 #1 jazz 2015-12-08 04:55
What about "illicit" activity?
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