The Mystery of the Mask

Trapeze AtlantaAmateur couples became porn stars for a night recently -- with no worries about next door neighbors or members of the PTA discovering their secret. The key? Masks! At an "Eyes Wide Shut Night" in the famous Trapeze Atlanta swing club hosted by Swingers Date Club (, club members took part in an X-rated video shoot while wearing cool party masks (courtesy of SDC). "I'm always amazed at how simple the 'Eyes Wide Shut' formula is," (DDL) video director Natasha Manitoba commented. "It goes like this: Masks on… inhibitions off."


Manitoba said her reality video website takes pride featuring couples committed to the Lifestyle in its fully explicit videos. Working with amateurs gives DDL videos a unique element of realism… but also adds challenges.
"Lots of our performers are completely open about swinging," Manitoba observes. "They love the Lifestyle and don't care who knows it. Others want the thrill of being in an adult video, but they have sensitive jobs, or they worry what friends and neighbors might think."

She says "Eyes Wide Shut" shoots solve the problem (the name comes from Stanley Kubrick's 1999 erotic masterpiece starring Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise centering around a mysterious masked costume orgy): "We first did a masked shoot a few years back just as an experiment. But as soon as I saw how hot the footage was I knew we were onto something."

All the way

Girls wearing SDC shirtsCouples took part in the Trapeze video at their individual comfort levels. Some just strutted their stuff in the opening sexy dance floor segment, making impressive use of the stripper pole. Others flirted and flashed in Trapeze's intimate lounge areas. But the bravest went all the way, in the club's anything-goes back area.
The finished product currently streaming on DirtyDatingLive is a sizzling slice of Lifestyle; real people enjoying real sex with more than a dash of exhibitionism thrown in.

Manitoba offered final thoughts on the mystery of the mask. "Even when people are stark naked and doing the rudest things, masks allow a hint of mystery, a little bit of tease. Leaving something to the imagination is pretty rare in X videos. But it's the main reason masks work so well."


+5 #1 carl 2012-06-23 06:08
Great Club, where can i get a copy of the video ????:)
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+4 #2 julia 2012-06-25 15:44
In one way it is a shame we have to hide our true nature--but in another it is so titillating to be mysterious. If the vanilla friends only knew! Thank goodness they don't! Makes it more fun for us....
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+3 #3 Radnor 2012-07-02 19:46
Hi carl: You can see the entire video on our DirtyDatingLive website. As many SDC members know, the Trapeze clubs really are great! We've produced videos in the three clubs -- Lauderdale, Atlanta and Philadelphia -- using sexy volunteer couples (we only shoot amateurs), and the results are always wild -- great people, beautiful club settings. Several videos from all three clubs are on our site right now and this latest shoot will be up soon -- possibly by the time you read this.
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+2 #4 laughinglovers 2012-07-19 19:51
Sounds like a great party and brilliant idea to play out a fantasy. It might however be a stretch to call Eyes Wide Shut an "erotic masterpiece". Besides, Stanley Kubrick hardly invented the masquerade party. Give us a Tinto Brass movie any day of the week.
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+2 #5 Liberators 2012-07-25 06:05
We love Trapeze in ATL. Sorry we missed this. We would have loved to participate. We hope you will do it again soon. Be sure to post upcoming dates.
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