Do you tell people you are swingers?

Great to see the overwhelming response to the question ' Do you tell people you are swingers?’ It seems that a majority (57 percent) indicates they never share their lifestyle with anyone outside the swingers world. 29 percent say this only to close friends to tell. For 6 percent their lifestyle is no secret at all, and 8 percent answered that they will only tell about it if someone finds out or suspects something. The majority of swingers meet other swingers through sites like SDC.

We look forward to your response to the new question in our poll on the use of sexual stimulants/aphrodisiacs.


+8 #1 Miami-Couple 2012-08-29 21:37
We prefer to keep our Life private, but a few co-workers know since we ran into them at the lifestyle clubs. We know of a few couples who share their lifestyle to family & friends. Some who have said has created issues at work when some guys heard and they automatically thought the wife was a free fuck fest! So we tend to juggle the Lifestyle friends from the vanilla friends. But to be honest we spend almost 90% with our Hot & nasty Raunchy friends!!! Love the Lifestyle!
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+2 #2 john 2015-08-03 11:04
I don't hide it. If a Co worker ask I say yes I am. If a friend ask I don't lie I don't hide it. If they don't like it don't talk to me.
I find that more Co workers are interested in what it's like or often ask
How was your date. But even the friends and Co workers who do not agree with my LS don't say anything bad. I find it falls in the same catagory as lgbt. Well maybe not the same catagory but close. It's still a preference but more of a choice for us but in the same context I will not be shunned for my preference. So I won't blow it the face of others but I am not going to hide either. My true friends accept us.
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