Swingers airplane takes of

Update March 6th: Unfortunately this swingers flight is cancelled due to high fuel prices.

Swingers Date Club is giving members the unique opportunity to book a seat on a complete swingers round trip flight from Germany to France on July 6th. There are 166 seats available aboard this McDonnell Douglass Type 83 aircraft with a swinger friendly crew including a DJ pumping out techno beats. The motto is "above the clouds there is no limit", so you know this will be something special.

The entire aircraft will be filled with fabulous swingers in this twenty four hour erotic adventure from Frankfurt, Germany to Cap D'agde, France and back to Frankfurt. This erotic flight departs Frankfurt early morning on July 6th and returns early on the 7th. This will be a 24 hour swingers event you will not soon forget if you decide to participate.

Once the plane lands in France a shuttle will take everyone to the world famous Cap D'agde where they can spend the day as they like. Visit the legendary "swinger beach", attend a foam party at Glamour Club or take part in one of the many other unique adventures Cap D"agde has to offer. The return flight will depart early the next morning and will have everyone back in Frankfurt by 7 am.

Prices have yet to be exactly determined due to fuel costs so please contact us for an idea, or you can get all the details by logging into SDC.com and clicking on 'travel events' under the 'parties tab'. Just look for the "Club 10,000 Swingers Charter Plane". This is a 24 hour whirlwind adventure and not for the faint of heart. This is however a unique opportunity to do something very few people will ever get to do.

Please contact Frank for more details +49 (0) 605 5919 3851or click the email link in the contact box.

Website: http://www.sdc.com/