SDC Desire take over: what a blast!

More...All SDC Desire take overs are hot! But the recent one was a real blast. No wonder, spending a real good time in a great hotel and with lots of action. Starting from the welcome, with all this happy faces, excited to see our old friends and looking to make new ones! Day time was excellent to recover energy (we all needed it at night!)

The Mystery of the Mask

Inhibitions offAmateur couples became porn stars for a night recently -- with no worries about next door neighbors or members of the PTA discovering their secret. The key? Masks! At an "Eyes Wide Shut Night" in the famous Trapeze Atlanta swing club hosted by Swingers Date Club (, club members took part in an X-rated video shoot while wearing cool party masks (courtesy of SDC). "I'm always amazed at how simple the 'Eyes Wide Shut' formula is," (DDL) video director Natasha Manitoba commented. "It goes like this: Masks on… inhibitions off."

Do you tell people you are swingers?

Great to see the overwhelming response to the question ' Do you tell people you are swingers?’ It seems that a majority (57 percent) indicates they never share their lifestyle with anyone outside the swingers world. 29 percent say this only to close friends to tell. For 6 percent their lifestyle is no secret at all, and 8 percent answered that they will only tell about it if someone finds out or suspects something. The majority of swingers meet other swingers through sites like SDC.

We look forward to your response to the new question in our poll on the use of sexual stimulants/aphrodisiacs.

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