An oral story

Use your hands

Not all men like to satisfy their partner orally. Sometimes they love to go down under and hit their own partners rosebud, but feel reluctant doing the same thing with another woman, for instance, on a swing date.

A crazy place to have sex

Taxi, bar, restaurant

Although most people have sex in bed, either in their own bedroom or in the playroom of someone else, also the couch seems to be a popular place. And don't forget the shower! All of us know the 'usual' spots, but we were curious about the crazy places. So we did a mini survey and came up with the following hotspots.

Why do women want a male gigolo?

Three categories

A recent survey conducted by Professor John Scott, Adjunct Professor Victor Minichiello from QUT's Crime and Justice Research Centre and researchers from The Kirby Institute at the University of New South Wales show that women in the US en the United Kingdom are lucky if they want a gigolo. More than 50 percent of the registered male escorts cater both women and couples.

11 tips to relight your fire

Use your fantasy

After a while passion tends to slip out of your relationship. That's no news, but how to get the spirit back? First of all, communicate with your partner about your desires and start using your imagination. We give you 11 tips to help you relight your fire.

Swinging without keys

Talk about it

Oh, those old days. When you wanted some 'swing' in your marriage, but did not know how. When the only openly chance of changing partners was on parties where you have to put your house keys in a bowl and went home with the person who's keys you drew. Whether you liked that person or not.