Young single guys at a party: how to act


We came across some tips (with the blink of an eye) for  young single guys who go to a party. And by party we don’t mean a birthday party with your family and friends :-).


  • Really, you do not need to tell that you have a large dick. The women at the party spotted you, and your Willy, as soon as she, or you, walked in.
  • Alcohol can help you feel  a bit more relaxed,  but don’t get drunk. Ever.
  • Don’t be a chewing gum and stick to her wherever she goes. If she goes to the bathroom, she will be back.
  • Do not talk about sex, the lifestyle or about what you want at that party. She knows that because she wants the same thing. Be subtle about that. So nice topics are about life, business, her house, TV shows and ask her questions.


  • Is your age between 20 and 40 years? Then you age is 35.  Most women don`t want to play with somebody they know could be their son. Don’t tell them and go from cute little boy to sexy man. If you say you are 22, they see you as a little boy.
  • Ask about her husband or boy friend. Is he ok with her playing with a single guy? You don`t want drama.
  • If  she tells you where she is going, what she is doing, says thinks like `it`s hot in here` or `I need a drink`, the best answer is to say `you want me to come with you` or `can I get it for you`. If she says yes, she is going to play with you. So just relax and chill.
  • Take a Viagra so you are able to last 30 to 60 minutes.
  • Wear a condom. Young people often have STDs. If you have already played, wash your cock with soap. Latex doesn`t taste good.
  • Throw away your condom. Go get a wet towel.
  • After play is just as important as foreplay and during. Stay for a couple of minutes and be a gentleman.Walk her back to wherever she wants to go.

Do you agree or disagree? Maybe have more tips?

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