Live from the Azamara Swingers Cruise

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Swingers CruiseThe SDC Swingers Cruise set sail May 17th from Athens, Greece with 340 couples from 47 countries. The Swingers Date Club staff together with the Celebrity cruise staff will be onboard to make sure each couple has the trip of a lifetime. The swingers cruise departs from Athens (Greece), and then goes to Mykonos, Sicily, Amalfi, Capri, Elba and ends in Nice (France).

In preparation, the SDC crew arrived two days early to make sure everything is in order to avoid any last minute surprises.  Athens is a busy city that shows no signs of a troubled economy. The crew took a quick trip to the Acropolis where they encountered some of the passengers who were in Athens for the cruise, a nice surprise. After the brief sight-seeing excursion was complete, the SDC crew worked hard to prepare the ship for the arriving guests.

Day 1

Pool at deck 2The guests arrive on time and the check-in went extremely fast. Everyone received a welcome gift from SDC along with a glass of champagne to toast this wonderful event! Many of the members know each other from past events so the conversation and interaction flow with ease. The weather is amazing and the guests are preparing to party at the pool on deck 10! The erotic beats from the DJ entice the couples to start showing a little skin just in time for the mandatory muster drill.

Setting sail
The ship set sail just in time for dinner, where due to stringent hygiene precautions, no self-service at the buffet. That’s ok…for once have someone else prepare a plate of food for you! The delicious cuisine gave enough energy for everyone to head to the disco for the spectacular “Gods and Goddesses” swinger party and the dazzling opening show. The first night was an erotic success!





+7 #1 Peter 2012-05-21 10:57
Next year we will join! Great idea to publish daily updates.
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+14 #2 Sharon 2012-05-23 14:37
We had such an incredible time on this cruise last year and were sorry our schedules did not permit us to go this year. Azamara is an incredible cruise line and SDC made the parties so fun. A VERY sexy group! We hope this year will be as memorable as last and hope to be on the 2013 cruise!
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+10 #3 Jeff and Becky 2012-05-30 20:01
It was a GREAT TIME, recommend the trip to anyone who is considering the next one!
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+5 #4 SHONALIARUNDXB 2012-06-12 17:35
CRUISE IS JUST EXCELLENT... We were on the 2012 cruise and now booked for the 2013. The SDC guys just rock it... We love you guys...
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+3 #5 SHONALIARUNDXB 2012-06-12 17:44
Couples who can book.... do it NOW... Don't miss it the boat for any reason. Its MEMORIES for LIFE.
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+3 #6 steveel 2012-06-23 00:02
We have been on the last two cruises and have booked the next in 2013. it is without a doubt the most fun you can have without your clothes on. The crew and SDC are the best. See all our friends in 2013 :):)
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