There is more to explore

There’s a lot to explore in life. And you'll find there's also a lot to explore on the internet to give your relationship a serious boost. Articles, products..and new friends. A chance to spice up your sex life without betrayal or cheating, couples with whom you can explore the adult swingers lifestyle.


The adult lifestyle is much more common than most people realize. Way back, in the seventies, swinging was more or less known as ‘wife swop’ with a lot of broken relationships as a result. For obvious reasons for that matter: it was the man who to swap and his wife unwillingly agreed in an attempt to save their marriage. The swinging lifestyle nowadays works on a totally different concept. And often it's the wife who suggests giving it a try. Also, swinging doesn’t automatically mean swopping. To go for a full swap, both partners have to willingly agree and consent. Also, swinging nowadays is no attempt to save a relation. It spices up your love life without damaging your existing relationship.

So, adult swingers are open to new experiences, might or might not have sex with others. Where do they meet? Well known are the erotic clubs and parties. There you can choose the swinging style that suits you: either just tease or play around without actually swapping, having sex with their own spouse while people watching or go for full swap.

Most parties are hosted at their homes or in a hotel room or in one of the swingers and hedonistic resorts which have a great ambience for lifestyle holidays. There is, especially for new bees, some danger in the swinging lifestyle. People might be over courageous if they get acquainted with the lifestyle. They intent to forget that you have to think and talk through with your partner. Before you go anywhere or do anything! Be prepared: if you join a party as first timer you’ll have to know if it’s a heavy full-swap or a low-key encounter.

On Swingers Date Club you can meet other swingers who are more than willing to help you get acquainted with the lifestyle. To give you all the ins- and outs. To introduce you into this exciting world. Just give it a go, spice up your life. There is really more to explore...