Sexy Sounds You Should be Making in Bed

manandwomanIt’s only normal to assume that people that make noise during sex are actually having better sex; I mean it sure sounds like it! We aren’t suggesting that the over the top “bow chicka wow wow” porn style noises are the way to go. But there are certain sounds that one can make in the bedroom that will completely enhance the vibe. Try these out next time you are “getting jiggy”.

  1. The Soft Moan - No Noise equals No Connection. How is the other person supposed to know they are doing it right if you don’t egg them on a little? If load crazy moans just aren’t your thing cheer them on softly with a low moan. A soft low moan is a good way to tell your partner so far so good.
  2. Whisper – Communication in bed is as important as communication in the relationship they both go hand in hand. When your partner is doing something you enjoy, slowly whisper in their ear “that’s the stuff” or “keep going” let them know what turns you on most so that they can bring you the most pleasure possible.
  3. Sweet Sigh – When your partner is trying to please you they are going to try and hit all the right spots. A nice sweet sigh of pleasure will let them know that the certain spot they hit is a good one and in turn will focus on that spot a little more.
  4. Let it Out: When you are almost at the point of climax, feel free to tell your partner you’re close. Being loud and letting your partner know that you are feeling good will make you seem much more confident in bed and that will be a turn on for both of you.
  5. The Finishing Touch:  If you aren’t vocal it will be hard for your partner to know first that they are doing a good job, second that you had an orgasm. (this can go both for men and women) A lot of people have a rough time determining whether or not their partner is having a good time due to the lack of sound. Try and do whatever feels natural to you, maybe a soft moan or a nice scream. Either way, enjoy yourself and let the other party know you are enjoying yourself too.

Written by Gaby Luv


+7 #1 I agree totally!!! 2013-02-20 21:34
This is TOO TRUE!!! There absolutely can not be enough said for a nice "sex soundtrack!!!" That is one of the things that could make the difference between mediocre and great sexy! Ladies, if you want your man to work harder to please you, work on having the best soundtrack! Thanks a million to whom ever started this blog. WAY TO GO!!!
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+7 #2 Cpltoswap 2013-02-21 16:44
These are great ideas for great sex. What a turn on when both partners are moaning & groaning in unison. Let your partner know what you are enjoying by moaning. Tell your partner it is feeling so good. When you are close to climaxing tell them you want them to cum also. Tell them how great their clock or pussy feels. Be verbal and communicate!
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