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The world of swinging has developed its own set of terminology over the years. We have put together a list of swingers terms and to help you get a better understanding of the swingers lifestyle. Do  you know any other terms? Please let us know! 

AC/DC: Person who enjoys both same sex and opposite sex sexual activity; Bi; Bisexual.
ADULT: Euphemism for pornographic.
ALL CULTURES: Person or couple who enjoys all fetishes and sexual activities.
AMERICAN CULTURE: Man on top, the missionary position.
ANAL SEX /GREEK CULTURE: Anal intercourse.
ANALINGU: Oral contact or stimulation of the anus of one partner by kissing, licking, or sucking of the other.
ARTS: Euphemism for fetishes; Cultures. 

B&D or B/D: Bondage and discipline; use of various methods to restrain someone while administering discipline, usually done by a "master" to his/her "slave".
BI/Bisexual: Versatile (see AC/DC).
BI-CURIOUS: A Male or Female who is interested in trying same-sex activities.
BIZARRE: Unusual sexual desires.
BONDAGE: A sexual fetish in which restraints such as ropes, chains, cloth or leather straps are used to bind, tie or hold a participating sexual partner. The person doing the binding is considered "dominant" while the person being bound is considered "submissive."

CAN ENTERTAIN AND/OR TRAVEL : Advertiser willing to invite others to their home for swinging and/or willing to travel to your home to swing.
CANING : A spanking fetish employing a light cane usually bamboo or other light wood.
CHEATING: Sexual activity with others without spouse's knowledge and/or consent.
CLEAN : Hygienic; Free of sexually transmitted diseases.
CLOSED DOOR/CLOSED SWINGING: Sexual interaction among couples using separate rooms, usually in the same house. Provides a maximum of privacy.
CLOSET SWINGER: A person who hides the fact that he/she is a swinger.
COUPLE/CPL: In swinging, a man and a woman. May be married, living together, committed (on going relationship) or a single couple dating for swinging purposes.
CUCKOLD: While the originally meaning is the husband of a wife who cheats, it has come to mean (more often than not) a husband who's wife plays without him and comes home to tell him about it. It can also mean a husband who watches his wife play with others, or is forced to watch. This can also be reversed on the wife. Since different people use the word to mean different things, it is best to ask the people using the word in order to clarify the definition.
CULTURE: Euphemism for Fetish or Arts.
CUNNILINGUS: Stimulation of the vagina and clitoris by the mouth especially the tongue and lips, and sometimes the teeth.

DILDO: An artificial penis, usually made of rubber or plastic, for sexual stimulation of the vagina and sometimes the anus.
DIRECTOR: Term describes the principal person who runs or otherwise operates a swing club, generally the owner. A person who works for the director and is responsible for party or club operation whether or not for pay, is generally called a Manager.
DISCIPLINE: A sexual fetish in which one partner dominates the other, a willing participant. Often includes physical punishment of the submissive partner, ranges from physical restraint to mild spankings to painful beatings.
DISCREET OR DISCRETION: Asking those who write or call to exercise caution so that children or others who may open mail or answer phone will not be offended and/or made aware of the swinging activity.
DOCILE : Willing to receive bondage and/or discipline.
DOMESTIC TRAINING: Submissive obedience to household chores of an intimate and humiliating nature.
DOMINANT: A sexual partner in control of a willing submissive partner.


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How ould u forget Unicorn?? A single person, usually female, who is anattached / not in a relationship, that is beginning or already in "The LifeStyle".
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0 #2 AlexSun 2019-07-09 12:42
Triolism - is a threesome except that one person ONLY watches the other two having sex.
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