How to reach for the top!

beddenIf you are like me and you realize that orgasm end just way to soon, try having a combination orgasm AND a clitoral one too! Try these tips out and see if you can’t reach the best and most intense long lasting climax of your life!

Mix up the Foreplay

It is a fact that the more nerve endings you awake throughout your v-zone, will make a blended clitoral/vaginal orgasm more likely. Have your man alternate between arousing you with his fingers, tongue, and a vibrator or dildo. He should also switch up the speed and style of his strokes.


Watching your man touch or go down on you will help you focus on what you are experiencing pushing you closer to climax. Next time you want to close your eyes, do the exact opposite and watch as he pleases you, let him make love to your body and your eyes.

Take Your Time

A virginal orgasm takes a little more time than a clitoral one. The longer the intercourse lasts the greater the amount of blood flow will be coursing through your entire body, awaking every single inch of your body.

Assume the Position

Doggy Style is the best for scoring a combination orgasm. The angle puts him in a great position to hit your g-spot, he also doesn’t need  to support his body weight with his arms and can easily reach around to your clitoris at the same time.


Missionary is always fun but can be a little boring instead of the standard in and out action, have him swivel his hips in a circle and rock his penis back and forth in side of you. This will ensure your g-spot gets a lot of extra attention. 

Use your whole body

Getting other erogenous zones in the mix also helps you reach a combination climax because it gets your whole body involved. Have your man lick your nipples, stroke your backdoor with his fingertip or nibble your earlobes.

Make is last

At the moment of the orgasm ride the wave, but don’t let yourself get there. By stopping the orgasm or just toning it down by maybe asking him to slow down a bit you give your body a chance to catch up and you make it a whole body experience. Remember to breathe. 

Written by Gaby Luv