Pubic hair: bush or Brazilian

ShaveTo shave, trim or wax pubic hair is not a recent fashion. The ancient Egyptian art already shows female pubic hair in the form of painted triangles. In medieval and classical European art, it was very rarely depicted, and male pubic hair was often, but not always, omitted. In 16th century southern Europe Michelangelo showed  David with stylized pubic hair, but female bodies remained without hair below the head.

In northen Europe in Renaissance time pubic hair was more likely to be portrayed than in the south, more usually male, but occasionally female. For a long time, females, portrayed naked, showed no pubic hair or vulva. By the 17th century, suggestions of female pubic hair appear in pornographic engravings.

The dawn of the bikini swimsuit in the '80s was reason for women to shorten the length of their pubic hair. The modification of pubic hair can also be considered a statement about one's style or personal lifestyle as can leaving it unmodified. The fashion designer Mary Quant was notably proud that her husband trimmed hers into a heart shape. Nowadays both man and women tend to trim, cut or wax their pubic hair.

Different tastes, different styles

  • Natural, Au naturel, Bush: No trimming and therefore no maintenance.
  • Trimmed: hair length is shortened but not removed or shaped, inner thighs may be shaved.
  • Triangle: hair removed (generally waxed) from the sides to form a triangle so that pubic hair cannot be seen while wearing swim- or underwear. The range varies from the very edge of the 'bikini line' to up to an inch reduction on either side. 
  • Landing Strip: hair is removed from the sides to form a vertical rectangle.
  • V-shaped: adaptation of the triangle with an inner triangle removed.
  • Heart/diamonds/spades/clubs: hair shaped in the form just as it says.
  • Mix:  landing strip (upper) and triangle (lower) shapes, also in other directions.
  • Pyramid: an upside-down triangle.
  • Dyed hair to give it an unique look or form, f.e. heart shaped.

Full-Brazilian, Hollywood, Bare, Bald Beaver, Bald eagle, German (G)Wax
Pubic hair completely removed. Can also be with the exception for a very thin narrow stripe above the vulva. Freestyle are usually variations of the Brazilian/G-wax, where a design is formed of the pubic hair above completely bare vulva.
The European: All pubic hair is removed, except for a small patch on the mound

Ways to deal with your pubic hair:

For shorter hair, use an electric trimmer and set it at the desired length. Use and trim where desired. You can use your hands to stretch the skin in areas like labia and scrotum.

Fast, cheep, but also a short term solution and must be done regularly to avoid stubble. It’s painless, that is if you avoid nicks and razor burn. Trim first to prevent long hairs clogging the blades. When you use a razor with blades use shaving cream.

Depilatory chemicals
Last a bit longer than shaving your pubic hair but the chemicals can cause irritation on the  sensitive skin.

Depilatory devices
F.e an epi-lady. Removes hair by the root and this can take some time and it can be a painfull proces.

Electrolysis or laser hair removal
Is expensive, often painful but a permanent solution. It can take a couple of treatments to completely remove all hair.

Whatever the methode, use skin care afterwards!  Your skin is vulnerable for infections after shaving and depilatory treatments, so apply a des infectant to prevent infectionsl

Tips or suggestions? Share them!


+7 #21 Cindy Hoods 2013-04-17 04:23
Quoting Fun Dates:
If you can't eat pussy without choking on hair then you aren't doing it right.

Sorry, I call B.S. on that one. Anytime you put your mouth where there is hair, hairs can be loose and come off in your mouth. Your body sheds hair, many hairs, every day, naturally. It's only normal that some would come off and into your mouth.

Also, as for your "stubble" and "razor burn" comment, if you're shaving regularly, you shouldn't have stubble, and proper shaving technique prevents razor burn. Give me stubbled and razor burned muff any day over a bush down there. Disgusting! It's 2013 people! Get with the program!
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+11 #22 Letsplay411 2013-06-18 20:34
Fun Dates asserts that anyone who likes hairless genitalia is a pedophile. WTF!? Let's get real for a moment: The bottom line is that for many of us, we happen to enjoy oral sex and do NOT like picking pubic hair out of our teeth. We also appreciate the highly sensual feeling for both giver and receiver of having direct tongue to skin contact without hair getting between us.

Secondly, pubic and armpit hair tends to hold body odor. It's "natural" function is to help waft pheromones into the air to advertise sexual chemicals for the purpose of attracting a mate. Personally, I'm not an animal and I don't enjoy body odor. I appreciate cleanliness.

Lastly, we appreciate the natural beauty of the female genitalia and find the visual to be highly erotic. If you feel the need to hide your yoni behind a jungle of hair, perhaps you are hiding from your own sexuality. Be bold, be proud and embrace your sexual being. You don't need a tangled bush of stinky pubic hair to prove you are a grown-up.
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+5 #23 jim wayne 2013-09-08 08:10
Just to make it simple and easy to understand. Having a bush creates odor and blocks the coochie view. I prefer the trim. I think it's the effort that was put in it that makes so sexy. g
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+5 #24 Geoff 2014-03-23 10:54
I'm just incredulous to read the earlier post saying that women who shave are doing so in response to men's desire for them to look like "little girls". My lady is 5ft10 38EE and hairless from the neck down. I don't think anyone would mistake her for a sexually immature girl.
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+3 #25 bitNtim 2014-11-20 05:12
I the male half shaved for a while and suffered from a rash. Now I just stay trimmed and feel great. I remember when very few people shaved. My partner has never shaved her fine blonde hair not her legs, pussy, or armpits. She has lots of friends and satisfied lovers. One of my favorite sex partners is a French lady who is dark haired with a beautiful long hair on her head and a pretty pussy. Hair is not a preference for me but some people, a minority, wear it well.
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+2 #26 Zigismund 2015-06-30 14:10
Never be afraid of 'hot wax' pubic hair removal. I have a complete wax, and I mean complete, of all hair in the pubic area about every six weeks or two months. Return growth is always more feeble than before. Mine is now like baby hair!! I go to a lady who is part of the 'Waxing4men' group. Always a few laughs, never anything naughty, though sometimes the female touch causes a little swelling, as you may guess, but that makes the waxing of that part easier!
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+2 #27 Berksguy1 2015-07-21 19:43
I prefer a hairy pussy, but I've licked trimmed and shaved and enjoy them all !
The comment about shaved pussies being a "little girl" look is strange. Women who prefer their men not have beards aren't looking to have "little boys" are they ?
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