Tips for meeting couples

b_175_93_16777215_00_images_content_SDC_date.jpgYou have met a nice couple online. And after sending out mails, chats, knowing how often they swing, if they are healthy, you have decided to actually meet each other. Exiting. Don’t forget to ask about their expectations. See if they match yours. And choose your meeting place well.


If you are a beginner, find out about their status. Are they beginners too? Or are they regulars? What do they hope to get out of the swinging? Are you both looking for regular encounters or just a one night experience?

Talk about safe sex and always use condoms! If they insist on not wearing condoms you’re your date is over.

Many couples have ‘rules’ and this is for a good reason. Rules are necessary to set boundaries. For instance, no kissing on the lips, always in the same room and so. If you set rules beforehand and establish some sort of code word with your partner you can end any uncomfortable situation without feeling embarrassed or embarrassing the other couple.

Suggest to meet in a public place, or a club. When all goes well, you can always go to your or their place. If not, it is easier to have a drink and say goodbye.

More tips? Share them! It can help other couples.


+1 #1 D & M 2014-08-29 04:50
There are always expectations, which almost always gets in the way of the spontaneous fun of the whole LS thing!!! JS
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+9 #2 Paramour4u 2014-09-01 05:57
The best in my opinion is to have no expectations. Just go and be yourself. If ianything is meant to happen, it will. If you have expectations you are more vulnerable to disappointing results. Of course that's easier said than done if you are new. We were all new once and I understand that.
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+7 #3 Ron 2014-09-01 17:04
Somewhere in your mind you will have some expectations on what you will see when you meet. For example, you have an expectation that the other couple looks like their photos. You may have an expectation that you will get laid when you meet. But it would be near impossible for the human mind to wipe out any potential fantasy.

The advise about meeting at a club is very good. We tell up front anyone we plan to meet that if they do not look like their photos, we move on immediately. False presentation is a lie, no way to start off.
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+2 #4 John 2014-09-09 01:44
Hello everyone I'm new at this lifestyle but I'm a single older man and I just can't seem to get going in this life style any ideas
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+9 #5 James 2014-09-09 10:41
The easy way in to any married woman panties is thru her husband. Even if their pretending to be husband - wife always address him first emails and at the clubs. Once he feel comfy he will open the door for you to enter an it makes her feel comfy as well. Think of it like a car if you ran up and jump in his car with out his permission what would you do, but if you came up to him complimented him enough how nice his ride is he mite let you take it for a ride.
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+3 #6 CLEOANTONY 2014-12-23 18:06
Expectations, rules and limits should ALL become a part of your personal "Safety Net". Beyond that, your primary goals should include the knowledge you most likely are going to meet people who bring "something new" to your life. PLEASE keep an open mind to the possibilities for unique features rather than prepping your mind to expect Differences. If you're locked in to find someone into anal, you might lock out those special new partners who offer adventures you aren't even aware are possible. First, Expect you're going home with the best match possible, your own very special mate! Anything else becomes the gift you give each other. And Be The REAL YOU!
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+3 #7 CLEOANTONY 2014-12-23 18:34
If you're new to the lifestyle, we suggest you adopt the awareness that YOU Are In Control. You and your mate are the only one to know your comfort zone. If new acquaintances are pushing too fast, they might not be right for you at this stage. When courting new begiinners, our friends believe it's best to let the newest, most reluctant partner Set The Pace for the initial meeting. The rewards for casually guiding newbies into their first erotic adventures could amaze and delight all.
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