Full swap swingers or not?

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One of our readers, let’s call him Bob, came up with an interesting subject. He and his wife experienced more than once that couples, who say they are real full swap swingers, turned out to be not so willing to swap at all. Either the man or in more cases the woman seemed reluctant to have sex. He came up with some tips as how to tell if full swap couples who advertise that they are full swap, really are full swap.

Bob told us that his current wife without a doubt is a genuine full swap swinger. When he met his former wife however he already was in the lifestyle and introduced her as well in his hopes and dreams that she will change to be a joyful full swap swinger wife. “Unfortunately, I was misled by my own thinking that she was a willing participant. I wrongly made a swinger site profile that we were a full swap couple.  I would take her to swinger clubs and parties and think she was really enjoying herself, but was I wrong.  She didn’t like swinging at all and over time, I finally realized that my dream of being married to a full swap swinger was my dream. It was my fault to wrongly claim that I was married to a joyful full swap swinger.  True story and that can be your first story.”

Bob told us some signals he and his current wife noticed that the woman of a couple is not a joyful willing full swap swinger participant that her husband dreams she is:

The signals are not in any particular order, and for party you can also read house party, swinger party, swinger club or a meeting amongst 2 couples:

  • Do you have to sweet talk her to attend a party?
  • Does she complain about ‘not wanting to have another party’?
  • Is she shy to wear lingerie at a party?
  • Is her lingerie at a party a simple solid-colour dress slip?
  • Does she lead at parties in removing her clothes?
  • Is she willingly involved in the full swap or orgy (or only standing and/or looking)?
  • Do you routinely have to coach her to go participate with people you are with?
  • When you’re in bed with a player or other players, is she participating in bed or is she just on the bed and petting only?
  • Do you have to talk to her in the other room and ask her what’s wrong?
  • Does she begin her period unexpectedly during a party?
  • Does she want to leave the party early for an unknown reason?

What is your opinion or are your experiences on this subject? Have you ever been on a date or to a party, finding that the woman or man of the couple is reluctant to have sex with you but agreed to do so in order to please her or his spouse?

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