Can you have a break from the lifestyle?

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Swingers, swinging, lifestyle... Words that became well known because more and more couples are discovering how exciting it can be. It also seems that especially women take the initiative to get involved in the swingers lifestyle

There are many reasons for joining the lifestyle: to give your sex life a boost, meet a different kind of friends, push boundaries, have sex on different places. All reasons are okay, as long as both partners feel the same way about it and are not into it in order to save their relationship. The togetherness is the big difference with adultery: swinging involves both partners. There must be mutual trust and respect. And boundaries should never be exceeded. And how do you meet other couples? You can go to swingers clubs, meet friends from all over the world on SDC or get swept away on a swinger's vacation.  

But... is the lifestyle addictive? Can you take a break if you just not feel like it? And what is your reason to do so? Do you keep in touch with your friends in the lifestyle during the break? Tell us!


+5 #1 Jason and Leia 2016-03-03 01:28
After being part of this life style long enough. We think this is perfectly acceptable. Beating breast cancer with full mastectomy, graduating children, traveling for work and not being available due to life in general. As we say, Perfectly acceptable.

Our life style friends are gold, our EA, Doctor, and baby sitter agree.

We all choose our friends.

If it is not acceptable for you to take break, your choice of friends is not acceptable.
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