Porn yes or no?

StatueJust a few stats about porn and watching porn. According to stats from the Public Region Research Institute only 29 percent of Americans think watching porn is morally acceptable. 35 percent of men think watching porn is okay, women tend to be less tolerant than men, with only 23 percent approving.

Should we swing with our friends?

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Hi guys, just a simple question: we, couple 37/41, have very good friends who are very interested in our way of life. They are, in fact, rather curious and want to find out if it's something for them too. Should we get involved with them or would it destroy our friendship?



Porn actors wanted in...Japan

Low salary, hard performanceLooking for a new career? Want to be an actor? Japan is waiting for you. At least, if you are a man. And want to be a porn actor. According to a Japanese website there are over 10.000 women in Japan that are working in the adult video industry. But there are shockingly only 70 AV porno actors in Japan. On average 150 films are created daily, meaning that these tireless actors must perform in two to three shoots a day.

Chicago's least faithfull neighborhoods

lifestyleAccording to a new study and a recent survey from a discreet dating site finds that the Chicago neighborhood you live in could say something about your fidelity. The website has ranked the Chicago neighborhoods with the most extramarital affairs based on data from 151,000 Chicago members, registered on the site.

Thriving swingers scene in Florida

Sex without condomsAt The Villages, a Florida retirement complex of 100,000 people, live is still at 'full swing'. According to locals, golf carts are usually the vehicle of choice when it comes to sex - and half-naked peep shows are the norm when darkness descends. There is also a thriving swingers’ scene amongst married couples.

Japanese artist arrested after taking a vagina selfie

UpsetMegumi Igarashi, a 42-year old Japanese artist, has been arrested after she took a selfie of her vagina. She sent the information to 30 people who offered to help pay for one of her creations by the help of a 3D printer: a kayak shaped like her vagina, called the ‘pussy boat’.

My girlfriend wants to attend an Orgy

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I have a somewhat awkward question: my girlfriend wants to attend an orgy and I am not quite sure what to do. I don't know what to expect, and how I feel. We have talked about it a lot, but every time she sets a date, I back off. What can I do to feel comfortable about it? I am not unwilling, yet unexperienced.

5 'Middle age' depression triggers

Seek help if neededDo you feel like middle age is closing in on you? That feeling peaks for women around age 40, and for men when they turn 50. Millions of people world  wide find themselves in a midlife depression. Fortunatelly those 'midlife' feelings starts to lift in the 50s. By that age people have learned  to adapt to their strengths and their weaknesses  and start value life more, according to several researches.

Sleep naked for a happy marriage

BedPeople who wear nothing in bed are most content in relationships, so a recent British study shows. 57 per cent of those who sleep in the nude are happy with their partner. Nakedness improves intimacy and the sex life.