Is it erotic or exotic dating?

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We received a question from a guy who we call 'Tom' about exotic dating. He wants to know what the definition of exotic dating is. We like your help in answering this question. Do you have a question yourself? Mail it to and we will put your question or remark in our category Swingers Questions.

Now, about the exotic thing. Strictly by the book 'exotic' means  'of foreign origin, not native to the country where one is living, staying etc.'

So maybe Tom wants to know the definition of 'erotic dating', which is, according to the Urban Dictionary: 'a form of dating experienced by most adults where you give random people your phone number and go on dates right in order to have either a sexual experience of an erotic one."


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Can you cut the knot and tell Tom, and us, your definition and preference about exotic/erotic.


+2 #1 yesplease850 2017-08-29 01:23
And we all know what a world-class reference the Urban Dictionary is now, don't we.
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+5 #2 LovethatKitty 2017-08-30 16:52
First, LOL @ yesplease850

I think it's pretty obvious that if you're on this site, you're interested in erotic dating, and perhaps even exotic dating. But they aren't the same...

Erotic dating means you are dating with the purpose of having an erotic experience. Whether that's on a singles level or couples level, I doubt matters.

While I don't have a preference regarding exotic dating, my partner is always looking for something different than what he's used to, so it's different strokes for different folks. Exotic is also subjective; give me a man with a foreign accent and that's exotic enough for me. And potentially erotic, too! :)
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