Swinging parents undisguised on tv

It happened in Germany, but it could just as easily be the US: a teenage daughter discovers a video of her parents made in a sex club. The big issue: the movie was shown on the website of TV channel RTL with their faces undisguised. The couple’s lawsuit however was dismissed by a German judge. In order to proceed with the lawsuit the 15-year old girl would have had to appear in court, and he would not put her through that after the shock she had.

“I wouldn’t want be in your shoes,” he told the parents, according to the Süddeutsche. "That's simply embarrassing." The swinging couple wanted to be compensated for the alleged pain and suffering their family faced after the embarrassing revelations. According to a report in the The Süddeutsche Zeitung the production company, responsible for producing the report, forgot to pixelate the couple’s faces. Therefore the judge explained that they had no right for compensation because they had agreed to the filming in the first place. Secondly production mistake had been an honest one. However, he suggested a compromise: instead of compensation for alleged pain, RTL should pay the swinging couple about 3000 euro for their appearance in the film, and also to cover the legal expenses so far. After all, he motivated, the fact that real people could say “this is what these people look like” probably made the show even more successful than normal.

Origin: The Local