Should I ask my best friend to be our unicorn?


What if you want to spice up your sex life and need some advice about asking a friend to be their unicorn? Who can give a better advise than you? What should they do?

Hubs and I have been in the LS for several years, off and on. We each have one best friend that actually knows, which has been great. Recently, my best friend (female) had an experience with HER friends (they took her to a big swingers club in the area).  Now she's hot to trot to be our 'unicorn.' 

My instincts initially say to not do it, as our friendship means the world to me. The other side of my brain says that it could be super fun and hot, I know she's not crazy, and I can trust her. She's always thought my husband was hot, too... I just don't want to open pandora's box if it's going to create tension or weirdness. He's on board if I'm on board, which doesn't help things LOL!  I'd like to ask the experienced LS community their thoughts on this.

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+13 #1 NoLimit 2017-08-14 23:27
My suggestion would be to keep friends and co-workers out of it. Specially if you value you friendship as much as you say.

Instead of taking old friends and trying to turn them into swinger playmates, find some swingers and turned them into old friends.
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+8 #2 good4life 2017-08-17 06:27
Follow you're gut. If your instinct says 'don't do it', there must be a reason. And, I agree with NoLimit, keep friends and co-workers out of it. Rarely does things go well, if you don't.
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+5 #3 Blondie & Dagwood 2017-08-17 23:02
Agree with the other comments above. You said she always thought your hubby was hot. Seems to me she may want to take him away from you. You'd lose a friend and an hubby. 20 yrs in the lifestyle says RED FLAG!!
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+2 #4 KatherineJim 2017-08-23 01:05
Like myself, my husband can have sex with anyone "WE" are comfortable with. If it goes in that direction with one of my friends and we're all adults about it, then so be it. I've had the pleasure of being with his best friend. The key is to know that swinger sex is simply that, never anything emotional. Maybe we're just artsy that way lol :)
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0 #5 Luckycpl05 2020-04-30 22:25
My wife's best friend also wanted to be our unicorn and during some hot tub time during a visit several years ago, it happened. We only had one incident, which was really fun and nice, and then our friendships went back the way they were, save some skinny dipping since we were all familiar with one another's bodies.

Meanwhile, it was our first time including someone new into our lovemaking and led us to a great life of awesome sexual experiences and very close "new" friends (some are already friends for over a decade!).
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0 #6 wdffwf 2022-11-01 16:14
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