A Happy Vagina with healing crystals

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You might have heard about the use of crystals for therapeutic properties. Some people find that they have more energy by using a crystal. But the latest trend goes much deeper. Into the vagina. Where dildo’s, made of crystals, supposed to give you a ‘healing orgasm’.

The dildo’s are fabricated by Chakrubs, who claimes that all of its products are hand made from 100 percent pure crystal. Each mineral has its own respective healing properties. Founder of the company is Vanessa Cuccia who not only wanted to fabricate healing pieces of stone dildo’s, but also beautiful ones.

According to Vanessa, the experience of using the crystal dildo is in no way comparable with using the ‘regular’ ones. Using the dildo should give you a straight-up, uncut spiritual orgasm. A kind of wellness for body and mind.
And it works, if we believe the testimonies on the website of Chakrub:
"It makes me feel more alive," "Masturbating with my Chakrub is calming for my anxiety”, “Using my chystal dildo makes me feel much more emotionably stable".”

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