Rather play dead than having sex

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Female dragonflies seem to be very picky about their sexpartner. They fake their own deaths to avoid male dragonflies who bother them for sex. The female dragonfly just literally let herself fall from the sky to wait motionless on the ground untill the unwanted lover gives up.

Zoologist Rassim Khelifa,  published a study in the journal Ecology about his observation of the female dragonfly. While collecting the eggs of odonates in the Swiss Alps for experiments into how temperature affects larvae, he noticed the unusual behavior of the female dragonflies. Read the whole article on Newsweek.

How to say 'no'

Fortunatelly women don’t have to play dead to avoid males harassing them for sex, but it’s not always easy to say no. Let alone say ‘no’ to a couple who invites you to have sex with them. What is a nice way to do that?

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You can politely say that you are not interested but thank you for the offer. I have done it a few times to couples and singles that are not my type as I am picky to whom I play or not play with. If you don't have chemistry majority of the time you can always say your not interested. Just be upfront and honest and feelings will not get hurt.
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