Soft swap or not?

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Being in the lifestyle  is not always easy. You can feel insecure, or have a question or problem you would like to have an answer on. Ask other swingers what they think and get the answers or tip you need. Do you have a question? Send an email to and find the anser in our category 'Swingers Questions'. This time: 'I saw my husband penetrating another woman, but I don't want that. What to do?'

My husband and I just recently had our first soft swap. The other couple didn't feel comfortable performing in front of their spouse and encouraged us to be in separate rooms. We have a no penetration rule, however upon entering the room that they were in it appeared that they were actually penetrating. He says they didn't but I seen otherwise. I like the LS but I don't like the feeling of seeing him penetrate another woman. ...How should I handle this? 

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