It was to be about the both of us, not her alone...

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Being in the lifestyle  is not always easy. You can feel insecure, or have a question or problem you would like to have an answer on. Ask other swingers what they think and get the answers or tip you need. Do you have a question? Send an email to and find the anser in our category 'Swingers Questions'. This time: 'It was to be about the both of us... what to do?'  

My wife and I are new to the lifestyle, we have never played with anyone. We just got into the lifestyle looking for a mfm, fmf, or couples full swap. We were talking to couples and singles. We chatted with one guy and they liked each other just by chatting and seeing each other's pics. He wanted to meet us, but we didn't have a baby sitter so he asked if she could go alone to see if they clicked. I decided to let her go, and she ended up sleeping with him outside a parking lot in the car. She said she was just going to meet him to find out if he was the one to do a mfm. She said it was good and that she was ready for us to do it. He turned to say he doesn't do mfm. It upsets me that she acted alone without my consent and slept with him. She said 'too bad' and there is nothing we could do anymore. But I'm still upset about it.
What can I do? What advise can you give me? This was suppose to be about both of us not just one of us. 

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