I'm a single woman. Can I go to a swingers club?

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To go to a swingers club with your partner is no big deal. But what if you are a single woman? We got an email from Jody with a lot of questions about that. Can you advise her or share your story/experience?

"Hi, I'm Jody. When I had a relationship we both were curious about the lifestyle. Our plan was to go to a swingers club to find out if this was something for us. Unfortunately we broke up. But my wish to explore hasn't faded away and I want to visit a club as a single woman. How to act? Can I just go and have my maiden voyage? How to dress? How was your 'first time' as a single woman? O guys, I have so many questions. Please help!  Oh, I live in Florida by the way. If that's of any influence in visiting a club."

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-2 #1 Friendlyoreo 2017-05-19 19:01
You can definitely go as a single women. Unfortunately for guys and couples, there are not enough single women out there. We are in Florida too. Send us a message and we will help in any way we can with advice or questions. Either way, you will 1000% be welcomed. If you are not comfortable going alone, bring a friend with you, or talk and make friends with a couple on here and meet out of the club. If you feel comfortable with them, maybe you all can go together. Only do what is comfortable for you, but believe me, as a single woman you are in high demand lol. Good luck to you.
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+10 #2 Qbanvixen 2017-05-20 04:10
I've gone as a single woman and it's fun. Dress very sexy and play it by ear.
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-3 #3 Cathy & David Johnso 2017-05-21 23:40
Hi, we are a couple in Florida and have had a single meet us at Trap in the parking lot at 8:00 when they open, and go in together, have dinner, then go sit in a booth, and have drinks, dance,flirt. Very erotic and sensual. Message us on here and we can talk about it further. Dress sexy, short mini, see thru top and heels--you can bring the sexy clothes and change there, as they have free lockers... Message us!
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+7 #4 NoLimit 2017-05-23 06:22
Make sure you have a talk with whoever runs the club, and ask for a club tour. They should be willing to take good care of you and watch out for your well being.

As a unicorn, you should be able to write your own ticket. Have a great time.
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+4 #5 Italian couple 2017-05-25 09:15
Our recommendation is to ask a couple with some experience to escort you to a club making clear you are e newcomer, need some help and just want to get the feeling with no other implications. Much better heaving someone you can talk with while you get the atmosphere around rather than sitting alone at the bar with all the eyes on you. We did this once with a friend and everything went fine. She took her time until she draw her attention on a young man of a couple till they all disappeared. When riding her back home she could not refrain from thanking us of the nice experience. A year down the road after e few other nights out on her own she has met her mate and they are now happy swingers. Quite sure that there are many couples in the lifestyle around the world willing to help....
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+5 #6 B & D 2017-05-25 19:33
Agree with those who suggest going with another couple. Would however, suggest you meet with the couple first before going clubbing. You never know agendas, so get comfortable with someone that is going to accompany you to a club. If you don't find a connection at a club, and you WILL get lots of offers, some you may turn down, you don't want to to leave and find someone waiting in the parking lot trying for a second chance. Be careful, be safe.
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+1 #7 Keeler66 2017-06-07 13:49
As a single female in the LS safety and selection are a priority. I agree if you have couple friends or SF friend go with them and explore the venue. Dress in a manner that is authentic to you brings out your natural sex appeal if your not comfortable it will show. Confidence is sexy. My first visit I knew no one, I befriended the hosts and ask club staff. I always valet be wary of the drinks you accept and your intake. Have fun, be safe and be selective unicorns are in high demand

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0 #8 Ron 2017-06-14 18:15
Of course you would be welcome. Dress sexy elegant, most clubs are BYO, get there early, find a place to sit and observe. Watching the motion can teach you much

If you are looking for only couples, Saturday night is the best. This applies to bi fems also. You did not state what exactly you desire. If you may want to meet a single male, Friday nights are the best. Problem with many of the single males at clubs like the Trap, most are amatuers, or married men in town for a meeting. So be careful.

Also try meat & greets. Less pressure. There is one coming up sponsored by a couple on SDC called SOBEIT.

Dance, get loose, and simply have fun. No expectations except this!.
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+2 #9 Ron 2017-06-15 07:14
Just read some of the replies, many self serving. You do not need to be accompanied by a couple. Probably the male half "hoping".

You can go on your own and not be afraid, "no thank you" are the magic words. If you have an open minded friend, sure ask them to join you for the first few visits. After that, you will understand as someone else said, you write your own ticket.

At some point you will need to decide, what you want. A three way with a couple, or just girl/girl play. Best for all involved if you know what you want.

Keep us informed, wish you luck and happiness!!
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