Why do women want a male gigolo?


A recent survey conducted by Professor John Scott, Adjunct Professor Victor Minichiello from QUT's Crime and Justice Research Centre and researchers from The Kirby Institute at the University of New South Wales show that women in the US en the United Kingdom are lucky if they want a gigolo. More than 50 percent of the registered male escorts cater both women and couples.

The survey also shows that Uganda and Argentina are the only other countries that have more male escorts seeking females and couples than solely male clients. The figures from Australia for instance are quite the opposite: most of the clientele of the male escorts are man. Only 25 per cent of the (516) male gigolos are servicing women.

The study found a total of 324,852 profiles of male escorts online but after eliminating duplications (many male sex workers list on multiple sites) there were 105,009 male escorts. The complete survey is contained in the blog About Male Escorts. To check for the validity and emerging trends over time, a similar survey will be conducted annually.

Some conclusions

  • The assumption worldwide is that the primary market for male escorts are men.
  • There is a significant increase of women who pay for sexual services.
  • More than 57 per cent of identified websites catered to male customers only.
  • 11 per cent of the gigolo's target on female clients.
  • Also, 11 percent are for couples, most of the opposite sex.
  • Women who buy sex are usually in their 30s and 40s and professional who say they are too busy for relationships.
  • For the most choice: go to Mexico, Brazil, the UK and the US.
  • No male gigolos for women appear to be found in Costa Rica, Finland, Israel, Panama and Taiwan.

Most gigolo choice for women:

1 Mexico
2 Brazil
3 United States
4 United Kingdom
5 Spain
6 Germany
7 Japan
8 Belgium
9 the Netherlands
10 France
11 Australia
12 United Arab Emirates
13 Russia
14 India
15 Canada
16 Denmark
17 Austria
18 China
19 Finland
20 South Korea

Why do women to pay for sex?

According to the researchers most of the women are professionals in their 30s and 40s who claim to be too busy for relationships and want to focus more on their work. There are women who pay for sex, even though they have a relationship. Their reason is that there are no strings attached and that they don’t have to think about pleasing a man, but instead simply enjoy being pleased.

Most women state that they want more than intercourse. They want to be seen, be noticed. Get attention. Before sleeping with the gigolo, they want to connect, go for a drink or a meal. Both married and single women feel the same about that. Most of the time it's not about hard-core sex, but it’s about attention and feeling wanted. And the fact that most gigolos are ‘skilled’ in bed ensures them of good sex with no complications.

In an interview with gigolo’s on news.com a male sex worker states that most of his clients fit into three categories:

1.    Convenience. Either she doesn’t have the time to seek a relationship or are involved in an unfulfilling one. 

2.    They want to try out a fantasy without complications.

3.    It’s simply on a bucket list: having sex with a gigolo.

“There’s a common misconception that there must be something wrong with clients, that they’re not able to go on a date or sleep with someone outside of seeing a sex worker. In my experience that’s never the case. A lot of the time it comes down to wanting a certain sexual experience in a safe environment where it’s all about the client’s desires.”

It’s a rewarding job to have, so the survey concludes: the average price worldwide seems to be $200 per hour. If the man stays for the weekend he can make as much as thousands of dollars.

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