Squirting... (almost) any woman can do it

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Quite a few women accidently find out that they can squirt. And although not everyone can do it, most women are indeed able to ejaculate. Depending on the study you're reading, some 10 to 70 per cent. It is often a matter of trust, self awareness and feeling secure when you aim for the wet orgasm.

First of all, it is not pee! The moisture is coming from the female prostate gland. It might feel like peeing because it comes out through the urine tube. However, there are French scientists who claim that when women ejaculate, they are indeed urinating.
Scientists agree that female ejaculation is usually the result of prolonged G-spot stimulation. This might do the trick for one woman, but another needs clitoral stimulation or some form of vaginal penetration. Every woman is different and reacts differently.
All women need time to be able to squirt. Forget about the porn movies where it all happens in less than a minute.

We found some tips that might help to make a woman squirt easily. Share yours!

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