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Although most people have sex in bed, either in their own bedroom or in the playroom of someone else, also the couch seems to be a popular place. And don't forget the shower! All of us know the 'usual' spots, but we were curious about the crazy places. So we did a mini survey and came up with the following hotspots.

Okay, it's no shocking news, but just for fun:

1. In a taxi, on our way from the airport to a hotel;
2. In a plane, covered by a blanket;
3. In a pub. There was only one restroom. She came out when he wanted to enter...
4. In a photo booth. She planted herself on his lap.
5. During a first dinner appointment with new swingers friends they changed places so that their hands already could explore.


Now share your 'all time favorite'.

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+6 #1 Mercedes 2017-01-05 03:37
The family/baby changing bathroom at the mall. I met the male half of a couple we date, at the mall. He took me to pick out some heels and stockings which he wanted me to wear for him on our next date. We had a short lunch in the food court and had to rush back to work. On the way out and through a hallway leading to the exit, we were kissing and fondling each other. And by chance we were next to one of those family bathrooms. I took him by the hand into the room just to finish our make out session in private and we realized that the door locked. I pulled down my panty hose and bent over for him. We grunted like two piggies for about 3 minutes. After he released in me, I pulled up my hose and we got out of there like kids that had just stolen something.
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+2 #2 Erik 2017-01-07 03:40
In a police car, on a restaurant table and in a hospital bathroom.
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+2 #3 Glenn rains 2017-01-07 10:30
We were making out at a bar she never wears undies nor do I an she had skirt on at bar on stool an we kissed several times I got hard she unzipped me I had jacket on an literally fucked her for a while....she came bartender noticed called security we closed up an left ....really fun an hot...several guys at bar enjoyed it but we're cool an were very discreet watching
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0 #4 weekenders84 2017-03-09 13:17
We were at our favorite nite club, very busy, wife never wears panties,, we kept kissing a bit, I started fingering her, she unzipped me, moved her behind to back of bar stool,, she had on jacket so did I, I slid it in an tried be non chalant at bar but several guys at bar were watching an 1 was kind enough to push my shoulder to quit when security came by....wife was so hot I told her thank him..she unzipped him, they started kissing an he list it..,we finished our drinks an left.,,an oh wow we did that nite..lol
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0 #5 Corey 2017-03-23 21:46
At the Rosebowl stadium, middue of UCLA game. Girlfriend and I got flirty, then more heavy petting, we left our stadium seats and went out to the general grounds area near concessions. We found a bench and sat down with a blanket covering us to 'keep warm'. Underneath that blanket I unzipped while she adjusted her skirt. In moments I was inside her and we rocked gently back and forth to completion, while dozens of people walked past us and didn't see to notice. Probably helped that I was already so good to go.
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0 #6 Karen 2017-04-28 13:09
At a movie theater, I gave him a blow job during the movie. We were sitting in a row of 4 seats, with no one behind us but another couple in front of us. I leaned over unzipped him and eventually got on my knees. The female from the couple turned and smiled. When the movie ended, we stayed in the theater and i slid off my thong lifted my skirt and he bent me over for a good fucking. Felt sorry for the guys cleaning up that night as she shot his load all over!
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+1 #7 chopandme, 2017-05-08 17:36
one of the best nights in a packed pub
sitting on a high stool and he slipped it in standing up
relly great and really wet
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0 #8 Sailor954 2017-05-17 22:51
Was at the mall one night. Went to Victorias Secret and got her some naughty things. As we were walking back through the parking lot, she pulls off her thong and says she's horny.
I took her between a van and a car, pulled up her skirt and began to take her from behind. She's a very vocal lover and I was concerned about drawing attention to us. A couple came up, stood there and watched as we fucked. After my lover had a nice cum,, the woman that was watching said, "Very nice,,, now can we get in our car?"
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0 #9 Sexyspirit 2017-09-17 09:03
It was ten years ago, at the first date with a couple of swingers from Utrecht, NL. We met in the restaurant near the beach, and after a while, we finish in the sands, full swap, my wife and that guy somewhere in the dark night; I and his joyful woman behind the restaurant. It was a wild and passionate sex, when we were suddenly flashed by a passing police car. Our withdrawal was fast and non-conditional . After half an hour, other couple of my wife and her lover join us in the restaurant. The passion was huge, and after a while, we start blowjobs in public. Everyone could watch us, and they watched! When the waiter was approaching the next table, we stopped, and continued again. It was difficult to control the situation.
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