A crazy place to have sex

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Although most people have sex in bed, either in their own bedroom or in the playroom of someone else, also the couch seems to be a popular place. And don't forget the shower! All of us know the 'usual' spots, but we were curious about the crazy places. So we did a mini survey and came up with the following hotspots.

Okay, it's no shocking news, but just for fun:

1. In a taxi, on our way from the airport to a hotel;
2. In a plane, covered by a blanket;
3. In a pub. There was only one restroom. She came out when he wanted to enter...
4. In a photo booth. She planted herself on his lap.
5. During a first dinner appointment with new swingers friends they changed places so that their hands already could explore.


Now share your 'all time favorite'.

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